They call me geek lady at London escorts

It seems that a lot of girls at London escorts date within a niche. Personally, I date within what I call the geek or geek specific niche. As well know, one day the geek will rule the world. It is true, the world is becoming more and more technology. The richest individuals on the planet are the ones who can make the most out of the innovation deal. I love innovation and I should admit that I am a bit of nerd when it comes to technology, perhaps this is why a lot of geeks like to meet me at London escorts of

When I first signed up with London escorts, I was dating what I would call regular gents. I enjoyed it and had a fun time. However, then our manager at London escorts chose to alter our images on the site. For some reason, I cannot keep in mind why, I was photographed with my preferred toy, my Sony Playstation 3. After that, I was getting more and more calls from geeks, and now I sort of only date geeks. That is great, and I don’t have a problem with that at all.

I enjoy spending time with all of my geeks at London escorts. We discuss all sorts of things, and on top of that. I like to reveal them my collection of Playstation 3 games. At the moment, I have simply over 3,000 video games and I am adding to the collection all of the time. Some video games are becoming collectible now, and I do try to get over to the States to pick up the old ones. My geeks like my collection and when they can, they help me to add to it.

On top of the video games, I am heavily into other things too, and you will find all sorts of things around my home here at London escorts. My dream thing to have would be a virtual reality room, so that my dates and I could fulfill in somewhere in between reality and dream. Yes, a holodeck on Star Trek would be incredible, however I believe it is a long time till we see one of those here at London escorts services. Would it not be remarkable to develop your own fantasy date situations and act them out? I would completely like that.

When I ma not at London escorts, I will confess that I don’t spend a lot of time with the other girls at London escorts. Do not get me wrong, I don’t believe there is anything incorrect with them, however they think that I am the odd one out. Do you know what? I can deal with that, I reside in a little bit of dream world and I can not get out of it. Having had no formal training within the field of innovation, I truly don’t understand how I have actually gained all of my knowledge. Something is for sure, I really do delight in dating geeks, and at the same time, they seem to like my sort of attractive company as well.

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