In a response to the recent uncertain times, US Money Reserve, a company that is an authority on gold, it has published an ebook called The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.


This ebook comes with a special promotion. When you purchase this ebook, you will not only get the book, but you will get a discount on a 1/10 ounce of Gold American Coins.


The main purpose of this book is to teach Americans how they can survive in these uncertain times and what is the best way to shield their money. Not surprisingly, the company believes that gold is that best way to shield your money as gold is usually an oasis of safety in chaotic times.


This company sees trade wars coming to the world soon as well as global threats becoming worse soon. Some experts think that there could be a perfect storm of economic danger coming soon to the US.


Philip N. Diel, the president of US Money Reserve, thinks that gold, for a long time, has been a safe place for your assets. His company has always predicted that the price of gold will go up during chaotic economic times. He believes that gold is a solid way to protect your money against volatility. This should make gold a strong way to protect your money from international risk and inevitable loss.


Diehl used to be a director of the US Mint and was considered to be a very good one. His experience makes him an expert on precious metals and you should trust him on what to do when it comes to gold.


What is US Money Reserve? US Money Reserve is a distributor of precious metals like gold , silver and platinum that come from the American government as well as foreign governments. This company has hundreds of thousands of clients that expect this company to invest their precious metals in a wise and good way.


The staff at this company is trained in coin research, numismatic field and the precious market field. They know how to right product for the buyers of precious metals. They ensure that they provide quality customer service and try ensure that they maintain a good, long-term relationship with each one of their clients.


US Money Reserve should be a good choice if you are interested in precious metals.

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