Who is Samuel Strauch? Samuel Strauch is a prominent real state investor. Samuel is a graduate of Harvard University. After finishing up at Harvard, after a brief period in banking, Samuel joined forces in his family real estate business in southern part of Florida.

Samuel continues running his families business, officially as principal partner of Metrik Real Estate. His company, Metrik Real Estate deals with property acquisitions and management of real estate. Most of their acquisitions have been centered on the South Florida and areas of Latin America.

Samuel Strauch, unlike some successful entrepreneurs, believes in team work. Samuel is a great supporter of retirees. He believes that retirees and the baby boomer generation have can have a successful, and profitable impact on the economy of this country.

Samuel Strauch started his growing real estate empire by observing initial trends in real estate market in his native Florida area. As Samuel has stated in numerous interviews, he noticed the shift in the Florida market from vacation homes to potential homeowners seeking residential housing. From observing this trend, Samuel realized he get international clients and investors together. From this developing trend, Samuel has grown to a noted entrepreneur in these type of acquisitions and investments.

Samuel’s hobbies include photography and art. Samuel is a great believer is daily meditation. Samuel begins his day everyday with 5 minutes to himself. Samuel’s daily focus in his meditation centers on having a positive attitude in all daily situations. Samuel believes in reflecting on being thankful for the things in his life. By daily meditation, Samuel can maintain an open mind, and set his goals and intentions to be done on a daily basis.

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