London Escorts On Marriage

The other day as I went to a friend’s wedding, I realised that working for London escorts had put me off getting married. I have only been working for a very good agency called charlotte London escorts agency for six years, but during that time, I have lost count of how many divorced men that I have dated. That has made me wonder if getting married in the first place is such a smart thing to do in the first place. Sure, it may seem romantic but a lot more effort goes into a marriage than the wedding day.

I am not sure that I would be happy to leave London escorts to get married. During my time with London escorts, I have become very independent. Many other girls that I know have not managed to achieve the things that I have accomplished since I have been involved in escorting. Would I want to give all of that up for the sake of a marriage that may not last? I am not sure about that. To me, it seems like a very big risk to take and I would to give up my independence.

What are the advantages of being single? I think many London escorts have realised that staying single as its advantages. You don’t have anybody else to worry about and you don’t have to rush home to do the laundry. I feel sorry for my London escorts friends who are in permanent relationships and don’t seem to have any time for themselves. I could not imagine myself having to worry about the laundry and the house cleaning. That is certainly something that I don’t do at the moment.

What about having to share your finances with someone else? I know that many girls, and even some London escorts, get married to ease their financial burden. I guess that is okay, but I do think that you lose more than you gain. Sure, it is great to have someone help you to pay all of the bills but I rather have less than having to share. I know that girls like to be taking care of but I have learned to take care of myself. Personally I think it is easier being single than living in a relationship with some guy that may be getting on your nerves.

Are we meant to be permanent companions? That is another topic which niggles me a lot. I am sure that we are meant to be in one permanent relationship for the rest of our lives on here. Would I get bored? The simple answer to that question is yes. I am pretty sure that I am one of those girls who would get bored easily. I like to do what I want to do. If that means doing an extra shift at London escorts, that is exactly what I will do. I love my life just the way it is and I don’t think that I would want to change it.

Some Reasons You Should Never Fall In Love with an Escort

Falling in love with an escort is not for everyone. It shouldn’t be an easy case to flirt around with such a person, not unless there is something stronger that is dragging you into that, and maybe it cannot be avoided. Many people who are escorts have reasons for being who they are but not reasons that are worthy of their life. Below are some reasons why you should never risk dating an escort;


Their biggest goal is money. If you are dating an escort, you will be receiving calls now and then to send her money. An escort can spend your salary on the last coin and still want more since it is their primary job. She will do all that it takes to win your mind on how much to spend on her with their soothing words and exceptional reasons. It is not worth it been in a relationship with someone who has no interest in you. Isn’t it amazing being with a normal girl who can even buy you gifts and also spend a fortune with you rather than an escort who is nothing but a total mess gold digger.


Dating an escort cannot be the same as dating a normal girl who can be your local guide. Helping you in bills like transportation systems and making surprises to you like touring you in different beautiful places and her being in charge of every bill. It is definitely that such a girl is worth everything good.


It is most probable that many escorts lack education. They have neither career nor skills to feed on their own, unlike a normal woman who is highly educated with a good-paying job. That’s why many escorts end up working in filthy places like night clubs and bars where rich men come to spend their leisure or take a drink after long hours of work all day.


Marrying an escort is disgusting. You will not want to marry someone who, after sex, is just talking of how worth it was and demanding what she only offered? You need a Woman who you can discuss different topics with after sex and appreciate everything you do for her, not just by asking for money.


It will be a shame for you to introduce an escort to your family. You can only have it to you as a secret that you ever or are dating an escort.

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