New Brunswick is one of the oldest cities on the East Coast. The Lenape Indians were the first settlers in the area, but it didn’t take long for the Europeans to take over, and build a city that reminded them of their homeland. New Brunswick, like other Northern New Jersey cities, has a rich criminal history. Gang violence hit an all-time high back in the 1970s and 1980s. The New Brunswick police did their best to control the inner-city violence, but the gangs were smart enough, and they had the connections to keep money flowing from criminal activity. But the downtown area is not the same downtown that harbored gangs and robbers forty years ago. Most of the downtown area is a mecca for businesses and for people who want to live a downtown life.

But there is one section of the city that still keeps the police busy. That section sits near the Raritan River, New Street, and Liberty Street. The Quincy Apartments are a breeding ground for crime, according to the New Brunswick Police Chief. Even though the police patrol the apartment complex regularly, crime continues to plague the residents of the complex.

The Quincy Apartments hit the front page of the local paper, as well as other Jersey papers on May 7, 2013. That’s when a pizza man got the scare of his life near the Quincy Circle section of the complex. The pizza man was out on a call to deliver a pizza to a resident, but when the man got to the apartment, he knew the call was a fake. As the pizza guy walked back to his car, he saw three men hanging around his car, he knew he was in trouble. The three men took the pizza and his pizza money from previous deliveries. One of the men, Parrish Wood, shot the pizza guy and then the three men got away. But Wood’s cell phone records were enough to convict him of the crime. The residents of Quincy were just putting that incident to rest when another shooting took place on October 7, 2015.

The police got a call from a Quincy resident on October 7, 2015. Officers went to the Quincy to find out what was going on that day, and what they found didn’t surprise them. One person took a bullet near the Quincy Circle section of the complex, according to Police Captain J.T. Miller. The shooting victim had minor injuries when the doctors at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital treated the victim. But the thought of more shootings and robberies at the Quincy is more than some residents can take. There is a crime watch in place, but that doesn’t stop the bad guys who like to use the Quincy Apartments as their home base.


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