Hussain Sajwani is a UAE national and the founder of DAMAC Properties which is a property development company. Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington and then started his career in Gasco where he worked as a contract manager. In 1982 he began his catering business which started off small and now is a market leader that manages over 200 projects and serves over 150,000 meals each day in various markets including the Middle East and Africa.


In the mid-90s, SajwaniHussain, Damac owner, was the pioneer of the market property in Dubai. He constructed several hotels which could be able to accommodate the growing influx of the people coming to emirate to trade. In the year 2002, he discovered a market opportunity, and that was when he established DAMAC properties a development company that has grown to be the largest property development in the Middle East.


DAMAC investment on properties and businesses


DAMAC has one of the best track records in luxury properties development market. It has already delivered over 18,000 units and has development range of over 44,000 components at different phases of planning and progress. The firm with the help of some of the most recognizable fashion brands and this has helped to the company being able to create new and thrilling concepts. Some of the project includes Tiger Woods Designed Golf courses, building luxury houses with interior design by Fendi Casa which is an Italian Fashion, Versace Home and Villas styled by Bugatti.


Relationship between Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump


Hussain Sajwani family is referred to as the Donald Trump of Dubai because the two despite being business moguls, they are also invested in the real estate industry. Sajwani is one of the trading partners that has done business with the Trump organization. However, Sajwani and Trump’s relationship goes beyond business The EUA real estate tycoon enjoys a personal and cordial relationship with the family of the president. He has interacted with Ivanka, Eric, and Trump junior in business and social gatherings. Even as President Trump retires from business to concentrate with governing the country, Sajwani has indicated that he would be willing to continue with the relationship of Trump organization even though it is under new management.

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