Bob Reina is the owner of Talk Fusion, which is a marketing company. HuffPost recently welcomed Bob to their official team of writers. For the last two years, Bob Reina was a frequent blogger for HuffPost. All of his articles had to do with business owners learning how to build their character, how to comfortably change paths in life, and how to stay focused on one task at a time.


Bob Reina recently reached an all-time high concerning readers and likes. HuffPost was so impressed with this that they have given Bob Reina an official time slot twice a week. Bob will be posting main HuffPost articles twice a week. Recently, Bob Reina wrote his first two articles. His most popular article was about how business owners need to understand their audience. Bob explained how many business owners play a guessing game when putting forth products instead of knowing beforehand what customers like and do not like. Bob Reina has given some excellent strategies for getting into the head of a customer even before showing them a product.


The editing team from HuffPost recently told the press they are satisfied with their decision of welcoming Bob Reina to the team. The chief editor stated that Bob Reina brings out the heart of HuffPost. Bob Reina articles can be found on the HuffPost website.


Talk Fusion is an organization that deals with promoting businesses through online videos. Talk Fusion offers a full promoting service at an extremely low price. The promoting service includes Talk Fusion experts talking with the business owner about what products are wanted most by the general public. After this, the Talk Fusion team will put together several videos and email them to customers and potential customers. What makes Talk Fusion videos special is the fact that they can be attached to emails and take up a small amount of space. No other marketing company has displayed this capability.


Talk Fusion makes sure the business owner is involved in the process. They do this so the business owner will be able to create his/her own videos for future products. Learn more:


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