Shopping mall investment in Brazil has undergone various transformations. Roberto Santiago is a prominent businessman who has contributed largely towards developments of modern shopping malls. He has invested in many businesses, but the shopping mall venture has enabled him to gain reputation in various parts of the world. He is the real estate investor behind the establishment of Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall has contributed towards the growth of the economy in the USA.

Roberto Santiago has reduced the unemployment rate through the establishment of Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall has employed many people in Brazil. Many entrepreneurs have been provided with a platform where they can operate their businesses. The mall has grown over the years due to expansion process that aims at providing more stores for business. The expansion will ensure that the needs of the customers are satisfied under one roof. The renovations that have been undertaken have led to more jobs opportunities and shopping stores. The mall has been expanded five times since it was launched in 1989. Roberto has ensured that many investment opportunities have been opened in Brazil.

Roberto Santiago attended high quality learning institutions in Brazil. He pursued Business Administration at the University of Joao Pessoa. The well educational background has elevated him to real estate investment. Santiago has demonstrated his love for education by reserving a space for a college in the mall. Santiago built his career by serving at café Santa Rosa before he established his businesses. His first business dealt with the production of cartons. The business designed and manufactured packing cartons in Brazil. The carton business flourished and provided enough money for Santiago to invest in real estate.

Santiago started venturing real estate business in 1987.he bought land to construct Manaira Shopping in 1987.he invested a lot of time in the establishment of the mall. He took two years to complete the construction of the mall. The mall has a modern movie theatre that project images in 3D.the customers can watch the movies with clear view irrespective of their sitting positions. The shopping stores in mall provide clothing, food and other items such as household goods. Various financial institutions have been opened in the mall. The food courts provide delicious meals for both local and international customers. Manaira Shopping has a lot of recreational facilities that have attracted a lot of customers. The beautiful beaches and cuisines around the mall have attracted many tourists.

Roberto Santiago has also established another successful mall known as Mangeria shopping mall. The services from the mall have led to the growth of the economy. Santiago has succeeded in constructing the malls due to his unwavering commitment to promoting economic development in Brazil. The residents of Joao Pessoa have benefitted greatly from the mall.


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