Keeping everyone that must be inside prison walls safe is a Herculean task to say the least. These prisons around the country today are so overcrowded that inmates think they are in complete charge and they dole out punishment according to their rules. Gangs have made it impossible for officers to operate like the old days, so technology has to be used to help maintain some degree of order and to show inmates this is not their house to do with as they please.


The biggest concern for me when I show up for work as a prison guard is that my team is getting smaller and the population of inmates is getting much larger. Last year we had the same amount of officers, yet today we have triple the inmates in one small prison system. With that many inmates thinking they own the facility and the easy accessibility of weapons and drugs, makes for a very dangerous situation for me and anyone working behind the jail walls.


Securus Technologies has been key to officers getting a handle on crowded jail issues and being able to get a jump on potential problems. The company has their headquarters in Dallas, and they are responsible for creating a call monitoring system that works without officers needing to be sitting there in a room instead of on the grounds where their services can be better utilized.


To give you a peek behind the curtain and see exactly how Securus Technologies helps officers get back control, we look at just this weeks alerts. One alert was because an inmate was heard asking his dad to sneak prescription drugs to him during their next visit. Then we discovered two inmates using drugs in their cell. Finally, we uncovered where weapons were hidden in our yard.


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