Creative, unique, revolutionary, theses are things all brands try to be but few ever are. Lime Crime is one of the few brands that has succeeded. From the very beginning of it creation, Lime Crime set out to be a makeup brand like no other and because of CEO and Founder, Doe Deere, it did just that.


From an early age Doe Deere had a love for everything bold, colorful, and magical. She was born in Russia and grew up in New York City where she started out selling her unique clothing line under the same Lime Crime name. Her vision for her makeup brand come from her desire to pair her colorful designs with equally colorful makeup but finding no or limited options. So in 2008, Doe Deere added makeup to her Lime Crime brand and the rest is history. Within the next year her brand began to gain attention and Lime Crime quickly became a favorite amongst makeup lovers.


Doe Deere knew that breaking into the beauty industry was going to take hard work. Her dedication to her brand and her hard work is the reason why it took only a short amount of time to break into the scene. Once her first round of products were created, Doe Deere started to create tutorials that she posted online and own her blog. This exposure online helped her to gain a following of over 3 million people, all who saw her unique makeup looks using Lime Crime products.


Although her products are bold and unlike anything else, Doe Deere credits her success to an important motto, that beauty products should make people happy. That motto is something that she tries to reflect in every aspect of her beauty line. She aims to create products that inspire people so that they can create a look that reflects how they feel and their own creative visions. From her trendsetting colors to the purple packaging to the unicorn mascot, Doe Deere wants her products to bring joy, magic, and happiness to everyone using them.


Since its creation in 2008, Lime Crime has helped to bring the beauty industry from boring to magical. With its inventive products and bright colors, people know how a wide array of options when creative beauty looks that are as unique as they are. Her fantasy inspired products are perfect for anyone looking for something a little bolder and brighter.


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