Those who take Betsy DeVos’s public demeanor as a sign of political weakness would be greatly mistaken. Though the Michigan native and current Secretary of Education is polite in public, she is a staunch fighter on issues that she truly believes in. Her trademarked politeness was on display after a recent split in ideology with President Trump. At issue was the rolling back of a policy that allowed transgender students to use the restroom of the gender for which they identified with. Ms. Devos resisted the measure, but, failing to change the President’s mind, she joined in the announcement of the decision giving no indication that there had been a rift and that the team was on the same page. Learn more:


People who know Secretary DeVos understand that her politeness during setbacks, such as the aforementioned decision on transgenders and bathrooms, is not a sign of her falling in line with the team. In her home state, she is known for being a very astute, adapt, and fierce political fighter who has used her wealth and influence to benefit allies and punish opponents in the pursuit of her political goals. As such, she was able to increase the number of charter schools in Detroit to a concentration level that is the highest in the country. So fiercely does she believe in the benefit of charter schools that she was able to spearhead a group to block legislation that would control the opening of new charter schools and the closing of failing ones. She was able to accomplish this even though the legislation was backed by Detroit officials and a bipartisan group of law makers. It is believed that Ms. DeVos will use this resolve to ultimately get things done in Washington as she sees fit.


Betsy DeVos was born into a wealthy family and grew up near the shores of Lake Michigan. Her parents raised her in her Christian faith and her mother, a former school teacher, instilled in her daughter a great respect and appreciation of education. Her belief in the power of education has grown over the years and has fueled her passion to promote charter schools as a better way to educate the next generation.


Secretary DeVos’s enthusiasm does not only center on education. She has demonstrated over the years her propensity to give back to the community. She and her husband have regularly supported many christian and conservative causes, as well as, being an ardent backer of the arts.

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